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Working with 80+ Experts

Throughout the development of the Connect + Comfort Kit we have worked with over 80+ experts consisting of mental health professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists, gerontologists, dementia care experts, and more. They have helped us ensure that each product provides the most benefit to the individuals using our box.

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The Different Activities

Note these include items in both the early stage and advance stage boxes. Some are not in both. More information is included in our Facilitator Guide and Resources. If you would like that, please request it via email.

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Pop It & Others

The PopIt activities are for the purpose of maintaining dexterity. The repetitive action soothes and calms theindividual, as well as decreases agitation. Otheractivities include tactile color and shape coding and yarn rolling.

Tactile Products Included:
- Pop It
- Yarn Rolling
- Playing Cards


Coloring Activities

Coloring has been found to be beneficial toindividuals with Dementia. Its meditative quality distracts and calms while decreasing agitation and aggression. It allows individuals to turn off outside stimuli and focus on the moment. Studies also prove that doodling andcoloring aid in information retention. We have specifically designed a coloring activity that is much less complicated and based off of recognizable animals and plants

Other Activities

Folding Activities

Folding can be a very satisfying activity forindividuals living with dementia. Folding utilizes motions that can help practice andincrease dexterity. Folding is also a self esteem builder. It allows them to feel confident, accomplished, and needed.

Doll Therapy & STuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are are a great tool to decrease agitation and engage an individual living with dementia. Pets have a grounding and calming effect and it has been found that stuffed animals can provide the same benefits as a real dog or cat could have on an individual. These pets are also beneficial to bringing back long-term memories of past pets and it also provides an opportunity for the individual to nurture and care forsomething. Increasing over all wellbeing.


Essential Oil Lotion

Essential Oils provide sensory stimulation for individuals. It helps maintain their sense of smell, decreases agitation, and improves various aspects oftheir lives. We incorporate essential oils in the box through lotions and balms. This allows individuals to receive the benefits listed above but also encourages important touch and physical connection between the individual and their caregiver or loved one.

Music Therapy

Specialized Playlists

Music therapy has shown to be effective in stimulating memory and well-being for theseindividuals. It provides a sense of calm while stimulating the recollection of long-termmemories.

Our Kit has been Approved By: 

" Simple and for everyone."~ Laura Parnas, PhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Accomplished Clinical,Scientific & Medical Affairs Leader. Advisor for scientific support, clinical trials,medical education, and more.

"I think it's great to gear as a partnership box, like there are so many ways toutilize the deck of cards and yarn... I loved your facilitator packet because Itotally understand that just handing this to someone with dementia mightnot work, but when we utilize these things together it can benefit us both!"~ Kris McCabe, @Lifewithgrams

Research & Sources

Here are the sources, studies, and research that we have also used in conjunction with our experts.

Research Behind the Stuffed AnimalsResearch Behind Music TherapyResearch Behind AromatherapyResearch Behind The Essential OilsResearch Behind Coloring

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