Support for Care Partners Survey: How Can We Better Serve You?

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Resense ( is currently working on bringing comfort and joy to those living with Alzheimer's or Dementia. We do this through the products we have created, however, we have noticed a gap in the industry. There is a vastly underserved, under-recognized, and under-compensated people group: The Care Partners & Caregivers.

As care partners, we are so thankful for everything that you do each day as you care for our loved ones. It is an unimaginable task and at Resense we are here to help. However, we realize that we have not done enough to make sure we are supporting you to the best of our ability.

But, after much research, we ran into a small issue. It is very hard to find data on caregivers & care partners that will help us truly learn how to help support them and their needs. We want to ensure that we are helping in the right ways, instead of assuming what we are doing is beneficial for you.

So, we could really use your help. We have created a very simple and anonymous survey to help us begin to gather data regarding family and independent care partners & caregivers. If you are a care partner/giver, we would love it if you could take our survey! Also, if you can share it with your friends and following that would be amazing!


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