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For our first post, we thought it would adventageous to share about the who, what, and why of Resense!

First, who are we?

Resense is a company with the mission to bring comfort and joy to those living with Alzheimer's and Dementia. We have created a product called the Memory Box, that is a toolkit of activities for these individuals and their care partners, designed to provide activities for individuals and residents in care communities.

What started as a school project, is now a complete passion to bring comfort and joy to those living with dementia. Resense was a project born out of a class called Lean LaunchPad taught at Grove City College. Two of the members, Luke Gilligan and Ethan David, however, saw the need and launched it as a business.

"The Memory Box is more than just a toolkit. It's an opportunity to make memories, and get to know your loved ones, clients, or friends. When designing this toolkit I learned one thing: the individuals that we are helping... they are our wise grandparents, our loving parents, and our caring friends. These are the people that raised us, taught us everything that we know and they deserve the utmost respect, love, and care. With the Memory Box we hope to relieve some stress from the care partner so that they can focus on just that. Spending time with the people who love them the most." ~ Luke Gilligan

"Resense and the Memory Box is an opportunity to provide meaningful experiences, memories, and care to those living Alzheimer's and Dementia. Building this business has provided such an amazing opportunty to serve. No matter what we do as a company it will always be rooted in our core mission: to bring comfort and joy to those living with Alzheimer's and Dementia. We strive to encorporate the best activities and practices in memory care into a simple an easy to use product. It has been such an honor and a joy to develop Resense thus far." ~ Ethan David

We have launched this company with the help of the Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Grove City College. We were Top 12 Finalists in the national business competition: Washu Bolin Big Idea Bounce and Top 25 Finalists in the TCU Values and Ventures Competition in Fortworth Texas.

Then in late April, we were finalists in a national business competition called E-fest hosted by the University of St.Thomas. Here we were able to pitch our company in front of many of the nations leading business people, including Dick Schulze the founder and Chairman Emeritus of Best Buy (see the photo of us pitching to Dick Schulze). We ended up winning 5th and taking home over $10k for Resense and the development of new products.

Second, what do we do?

We have created The Memory Box, it is a toolkit of activities for individuals living with Alzheimer's and Dementia, and their care partners. This toolkit is designed to provide activities for individuals and residents in care communities. The Memory Box improves brain health, exercises their senses, and elicits long-term memories. Interviewing and working with over 65 experts, we have specially curated the products in the Memory Box including multiple products targeting specific senses. Each of the products is designed to stimulate the senses and increase memory recall. Here are the products that are currently in the Memory Box, however, we are curating a version specifically for later stage individuals. Keep your eye out for it! Guess what?! You can shop the Memory Box here: shop.resensebox.com

Third, why do we do what we do?

We understand that life is busy, and as care partners, it can also be extremely stressful. We are here for you! Resense wants to help alleviate some of that stress by providing you with proven activities that will benefit your loved one, client, or resident. This way you can focus on spending quality time with them, making new memories, and not having to worry about finding activities or creating new ones for your residents.

Through research, personal experience, and testimonials we have realized the need for products that not only engage these individuals, but also support & treat them with the respect & love that they deserve. There are many products that demean these individuals. They are childish and make it difficult for these individuals to relate but also remind them of their disease. At Resense & with the Memory Box our mission is to do the opposite. We want to bring comfort and joy to these individuals and treat them with the respect and love that they deserve. These are the people that raised us, taught us everything that we know and they deserve the utmost respect, love, and care!

This box is not only beneficial as a therapeutic aid, but it can also be used as a gift box. We make sure that there is nothing on the inside of the box that says or refers to Dementia or Alzheimers. We highly encourage you to use this box as a gift. If you or you have a child that is struggling engaging with their parent, grandparent, or friend with Dementia... use this box as a conversation starter & make some new memories with your loved one.

We also are a redemptive company. What does this mean?

At Resense our desire is to reach individuals and families who have been affected by dementia. Giving back to our community is a vital aspect of our company’s goals. We also recognize that dementia is not a discriminator of race, economics, or locality. As we watch war torn countries in the midst of upheaval we recognize there are many individuals who are being forgotten and neglected. One of our company’s goals is to reach out and help these individuals. Our partnership with Marcel Fund Ministries is one path towards achieving this. This ministry specifically cares for the elderly, the widowed, and individuals with dementia living in Ukraine. Our desire is to donate as many boxes as possible to this ministry so that they might be distributed to those in need.

We also want to make sure that each product inside our box has sustaining value and impact. We are looking for every opportunity to stock our boxes with products from individuals who could use the support financially, with the end goal of improving their quality of life. Utilizing local Ukrainian artists to create new coloring activity pages is part of this initiative. Many of these artists have had to escape Ukraine, living in different countries, freelancing in order to support themselves.

Learn more about the Memory Box and how it could benefit you!

If you want to learn more about the box and how it can benefit you, your residents, or clients. Please reach out! We do free video calls where we walk through the box and answer any questions you might have! If interested please reach out to: info@resensebox.com

Thank you for reading and learning more about us!

~ Luke Gilligan & Ethan David.

Make sure to keep in touch with us!

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